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This is one of my narrative stories for TV series "The World Picture Gallery with Aunt Owl" (MASKI Production Co.). This educational animated series was represented in Cannes, in TV Market MIPCOM in October, 2007.


by Alexander Kalinkin
Genre: Educational, Fairy Tales, Art
Run Time: 10 minutes

THE OWL: Hello, my dear boys and girls! I'm happy to see you again in the World Picture Gallery. Just look at this unusual room! Don't worry - we haven't lost! This room is about the Art of the Ancient Egypt.

Remarkable artists lived even three thousand years ago. Alas, their names we don't know. But walls of temples, palaces and pyramids keep their fine pictures.

The Ancient Egypt - 20 dynasty - Inkerhau tomb

These pictures tell us about life of the Egyptians at the distant past - how they cultivated corn and vine, how they built pyramids and entertained on festivities.

18 dynasty - Menen tomb

Here we often see portraits of great Egyptian kings - pharaohs, who were so wise that they could communicate with gods. The Egyptians believe in this and highly respected their rulers.

18 dynasty - Dail El Bahri - Tutmos the 3d temple

Our today story will be assembling of ancient masterpieces like a mosaic. Besides we will meet a pharaoh and his son… But let us not haste and listen to the story itself because its time has come…

19 dynasty - Book of the Deads - 17 chapter

A great ruler-pharaoh had a son. The pharaoh taught him telling how to manage the country and how to live in piece and prosperity. "Your time will come," he said. "And you will rule the Egypt. You will be like the Sun-Falcon to our folk!"
"Father, tell me, where the Sun-Falcon hides at night?" the curious prince asked.
"In the underneath world," the pharaoh answered. "The boat of Ra the sun god sails among unseen lands".
The Prince wished to glance at those lands and at the boat of Ra. He said about it to his father but the pharaoh just smiled.
"All in good time, son. Grow wise. Be like the sun - it always knows its time!"

20 dynasty - the prince Amon Her Hen Shef tomb

The days went past. The boy had been growing. Nile, the mighty river overflowed and came back to the banks, again and again.

20 dynasty - the prince Amon Her Hen Shef

One day the prince went hunting. Lots of ducks nested along the river, and the hunt was very successful!

18 dynasty - Nahta tomb - Hunting in the papyrus

Suddenly the boy noticed a fine falcon sitting on a stone. The bird roused, spread its wings and flew up into the sky.
"What if it's the Sun-Falcon himself?" the prince thought. "I'll follow him and I'll see how he descends into the world of the night!"
He leaped on his horse's back and hurried after the falcon.

20 dynasty - Book of the Deads - chapter 16

The bird was flying for a long time until it landed somewhere in far cliffs in the west, by a stream overgrown with papyrus. When the prince rode up, the falcon had gone. The boy decided to have a rest for a little while and to return home. At that moment someone flushed a flock of ducks on the bank. The known falcon flew down from a cliff, made a circle and disappeared in a dark cave.

The prince ran after him.

20 dynasty - Ai tomb - Birds in papyrus

The cave happened to be lit inside. The stream murmured beneath and queer flowers grew along its banks. But the falcon has gone again! The boy, exhausted, wanted to drink some water,

19 dynasty - Sen Nedjem tomb

But three crocodiles came out from the stream. Although those animals were considered in Egypt as saint sacred ones, the prince wasn't going to be their supper. He took out a sharp knife, which his father presented him, and the crocodiles retreated.

18 dynasty - Book of the Deads - chapter 31

At that moment a strange being appeared before him - it has a human body and a bird head! The prince was so scared that he could hardly recall Tot, the god of the wisdom.
"What are you doing in our world?" the god asked strictly.
"I just wanted to glance where the Sun Falcon go at night," the boy answered. "I'm the prince and I wish to be taught by him."
"Then, may Ra the sun god decide himself how to deal with you. But take my lesson either! Everything is good in its season! If you do anything in time, Egypt will blossom like a lotus flower in light of your wisdom!"
Tot waves with his hand and…

18 dynasty - Book of the Deads - chapter 125

the prince turned into a beautiful lotus flower.

19 dynasty - Book of the Deads - chapter 80

Tot, the god took the flower and threw it up high. The lotus fell in a boat, in which Ra, the god of the sun was sailing.

18 dynasty - Book of the Deads - chapter 110

Ra retuned a human image to the prince and changed himself - his falcon head became ram's one.
"You're a valiant boy!" - Ra said. - "But if you want to be a great king, it's not enough to be valiant. You should be able to protect yourself and your country. Our way will be not easy. Take a spear and stand beside me!"
They were sailing along dark corridors. Various creatures appeared and disappeared somewhere in the depth. It was scary but their boat shone and creatures retreated.

19 dynasty - Ramses tomb - Book of Gates

In one place a giant snake rushed towards them. The boy drove it with his spear.
"Why are we sailing here?" - the boy asked. "What's use of the sun for the underneath world?"
"Because everyone should know that even there are the Light and the Justice," - Ra answered.

19 dynasty - Ramses tomb - Book of Gates

Finally dark tunnels ended. Their boat came up to the bank where a cozy house stood. They approached. Suddenly the papyrus, growing along the bank, beamed. Soon they saw a cow with beautifully curved horns among which the small sun radiated.
"I greet you, noble Hathor!" - Ra pronounced loudly.

19 dynasty - Book of the Deads

"Peace to you, Ra!" - Hathor said, settling on a white-stoned bed. "You leaded a human here, didn't you?"
"This courage boy should learn some lessons. His time will come and he will bring the light to Egypt."

19 dynasty - Book of the Deads

They landed. Many amazing trees grow around. Juicy fruits almost asked to be eaten.
"Gather some fruits and come at house," Ra said. "But be watchful! Don't eat anything here!"
However fruits looks so tasty, and the boy's stomach grumbled so much of hunger that he picked a bunch of dates from a palm and ate one.

19 dynasty - Sen Nedjmen tomb

At the same moment the prince turned into a bird. Only his head remained human.

19 dynasty - Iri Nefer tomb

The sky darkened. Hathor, as a fair queen, came out to the garden.
"This food is not for people. You're the future king of Egypt should keep order, not break it!" - she said sternly. "You would fly as a bird among trees, if it were not the sun god with you!"
Her crown flashed with bright glow, and the poor boy tuned into a human again.

18 dynasty - Horemheb tomb - Hathor the goddess

He bowed before Hathor and asked to forgive him.
"Hurry up to the sun god, for he's waiting for you," - she said angrily and vanished.

19 dynasty - Pashedu tomb

The prince gathered fruits and brought them into the house. Ra changed his image again - his head became falcon-like.
"Are you amazed my change?" asked Ra. "This is another lesson for you. Learn to see the most important. I can change my image as a mask because the sunlight is various - a joyful spot in a room and the scorching fire of a desert!"
The sun falcon ate the magical fruits and started to prepare for a journey.

20 dynasty - Book of the Deads

The prince said goodbye to Hathor. The goddess wished him to follow the sun ways not his stomach. The boy smiled and promised to keep her wish.

20 dynasty - the prince Amon Her Hen Shef tomb

Ra stepped into the boat. A solemn music started to play. Baboons started to dance merrily. The scarlet sun shone above Ra. The music played louder. The sun shone brighter.

19 dynasty - Book of the Dead

The prince narrowed his eyes. And when he can see again, he stood by the cave entrance. The scarlet stripe of the rising sun lightened the horizon. The falcon sat calmly nearby. First beams gilded its feathers.
"Thank you for the journey!" the prince said.
But the proud bird didn't answer. It flapped with wings and rose high into the sky. "Perhaps it was just a dream," the boy thought. Suddenly someone's hand touched his shoulder …

19 dynasty - Book of the Deads

The prince started. His father stood beside him.
"You left not saying a word…", - the pharaoh pronounced but stopped.
His son's face beamed with joy.
"Father, I've been taught by the Sun Falcon!" - the boy told. "I've been there! I saw! But…you know it. You've been there too, haven't you?"
The pharaoh smiled. "Why do you think so?"
"Because everything what gods told me, I've heard before from you", - the prince answered.
"Then, we're good students!" the pharaoh laughed and added seriously, "Then, one day I can entrust Egypt to you".

20 dynasty - the prince Amon Her Hen Shef tomb

Time passed. The prince became a really great pharaoh. He was wise and just as the Sun Falcon. At those years Egypt blossomed like a lotus flower - people were happy and kept memory about their favorite pharaoh for many ages.

20 dynasty - Seti I tomb

Glory of the wise ruler came even to present days. It is possibly thanks to pictures of Ancient Egyptian masters. As their pharaoh, they lived many years ago but their art outlived ages. Do you like pictures? What about the story? Excellent! But our lesson came to the end. All in good time. Till the next meeting at the World Picture Gallery!

(C) 2008 Maski Production Company
The script is published here with permission of the copyright owner - MASKI Production Co. and Executive Producer Sergey Zarev.

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