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For more than 12 years Russian artist Danielle Dega has been painting pictures and managing art projects, related to art history. Each of her works tells us a story, a story of Danielle herself. Once a student from Columbia said to her, “The place where you was born has lots of the sun, life force and joy”.
"Ariel" by Daniella Dega

Ariel by Daniella Dega

Being amazed by her guess, the artist asked her why she thought so, and the girl answered, “Because you seem to need it in Russia, compensating it with colorful clothes and tasty tea...” And as we would add to this list... “with pictures full of sounds, thoughts, feelings, scents, colors, and music”. Music of colors. Danielle Dega’s pictures themselves seem to paint her portrait... Each picture is a stroke to the artist’s image.

Ariel’s Eastern Melody

There is such a folk musical instrument like a violin erhu (also known as a Chinese violin). It looks like a small box with a long neck whose two strings are tightened so closely that they seem to be one. A bow moves between strings. Many nuances make the intrument very complicated to play, but its sounds are so harmonious and beautiful that you can listen to erhu even at modern rock concerts.

Erhu is Danielle Dega’s favorite intrument. And her picture “Ariel” is literally painted with erhu sounds. «In this melody I’ve seen an image embodying the edge between Eastern and Westers cultures. It is a crystal pure play leading us to meditating the world...». At the picture we see a woman having her eyes closed and facing the wind fingering waves of her fiery hair... The flame and wind are in their everlasting dancing. It is an amazing harmony of the internal world and the external dynamics.

“I believe that there are lots of common between music and painting, in harmonious internal creation, at least. Any picture has its own music, with its special melody and, besides, I’d say, a picture couldn’t find the fullness of ellegancy and conception without this special internal melody of its color palette. I follow exactly this melody in painting my works...”

Spanish mood

Danielle learnt about her Spanish ancestry just recently – in 2010. Having known her grandmother’s history, she understood that Spain had been always attractive to her. Learning Spanish, Spanish painting and architecture gave a new impulse to her creativity.
«I simply fell in love with Spain at first sight, but the most impressive thing was the Gothic quarter of Barcelona – an awesome place with unique power. Since I got to the Gothic quarter, I just became one of its natural parts – it breathes with history and Spain so deeply. Spanish spirit in all things around: architecture, the sun and shadows playing, people’s mood at streets. I had been catching their glances,smiles, and gestures... All the happening around had grabbed me so that I made some sketches right away. My mood was expressed on paper not with architecture, but with a Spanish girl’s smile – a smile, full of the sun, life, litgh and colors – a multi-layered smile, resembling a fresh blossoming flower...”
Those sketches formed the basis of the oil painting "A young Spaniard with hair flowing in the wind...".

A young Spaniard by Daniella Dega

Aroma of «JM / Nieve de Paz» - «JM / Snow of Peace»

Here is one more stroke to Danielle’s portrait. A true Eastern tale lives on the canvas. One of the artist’s friends said, “This is my favorite picture. There are lots of unspoken in here. That man on the background is hardly seen. This picture is about a woman’s beauty, her value, and her desirebility. You know Johny Depp fell in love with Vanessa Paradis after having seen her from behind. The picture is very dynamic. It is a process, not a frozen episode. Colors are especially good. I don’t know why but it imprinted orange in my memory, though, of course, it has very little of this color. Blue seems to preveil there. But I feel it warm. I almost can smell an aroma of this picture. It is a gentle, fruit-like scent. I would wish to embrace it...”.

Nieve de Paz by Daniella Dega

Love and Creativity

Danielle says that painting, as any other creative process, is a way for building a bridge, crossing which we are going towards each other. It is a cure for indifference, pettiness, and ease in relationships. She believes that nowadays the rapid pace of life leaves no place for emotions. Art changes many things showing that power of relationships is not in trivial satisfaction of instincts, and love is neither a prospect, nor a hobby, nor fashionableness. It is like in movies by Danielle’s favorite producer Til Schweiger, where “modern people”, who are got used to wear masks, suddenly realize and understand that values of relationships don’t depend on her bust size or his salary. Values of life depend on sencirity of our relationships and the way how we are able to see a new world and new colors in each other.

«So are they in my pictures. I love when people find echoes of their relationships in them. In this case they will remember it forever. Do you remember what my friend said of Johny Depp and Vanessa Paradis? There are many women with beautiful back, but he had seen not just her back. He had seen a paradise of colorful motives in her image, “his own moon lighting the light””.

Danielle Dega’s pictures are full of sounds, thoughts, feelings, aromas, colors, and music. Music of colors. They themselves seem to paint her portrait... Each picture is another stroke to the artist’s image.

Translated from Russian by Alexander Kalinkin, the author of the original article published in"Business Lady's Life Magazine", 03/02/2016.

(C) Writer: Alexander Kalinkin

(C) Photographers: S.Barlova, E.Golitsyna