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"Once upon a time, in a kingdom among many kingdoms..." The strict contours of the room are melting... you are sinking into the world whose name is Fairy Tale. It is similar to the first chords of some beautiful lost melody. Only when the magic clock strikes twelve you will wake up and say, as Alice: "Ah, how long I was asleep!"

Which century is on the yard? Is it the 17th or the 21st? Fairy tales live their own life, by their own time. Some of them are thousands years old, others were born quite recently...

I know some places where fairy tales grow. Let's go carefully to their cradles and fasten our eyes upon present-day fairy tales...

I have been helping people to see the fairy world for a long time. My first fairy tale was written when I was a six-year-old boy. I prepared my first book's project about a year before. At that time I couldn't write at all but I liked drawing. I drew some pictures and asked my mummy to write some poems for my pictures. When it was ready, I asked my daddy to prepare the beautiful cover picture. But it didn't seem serious enough to him and he drew a caricature of me. All the family was laughing but I was angry. It was my first experience of publishing. Yes, really, I remember, it was very serious - I was going to sell my homemade book in a local shop of our village. /LOL/

I thank God for my parents and I thank my parents for that almost fairy atmosphere of my childhood. My mother is Siberian by birth. Sometimes she wrote marvelous poems and songs. My father is from Don and sometimes he drew pictorial landscapes and portraits. But they both have never been in earnest about their creativity. It was just their hobby.

One day I said to my mummy that I wanted to be an artist. She became sad and answered that all artists have never had a happy life. It was a real conflict that I've carried through my life. Of course I've wanted to be happy and... I worked in different science intensive fields. In 1995 I graduated the Samara University as a Master of Physics, but my creativity as an underground river flowed inside me and... It's a paradox - when I look back I see the most happiest minutes in my life coincided with this wonderful process of creation.

In 1997 - I signed my first literary contract with the newsletter "New Aquarius". According to that contract every week the newsletter received a fairy tale for its new issue. The Editorial received many responses and pictures... Of course I was happy - it was real success.

At present time I've had some other publications in American and Russian newspapers and magazines. It's not easy to be a writer. Too many of us dream about that. The literary market is overloaded. But any crisis is a point of growth. And I keep writing looking for my way to you, my dear reader. Sometimes the way seems to be endless and even hopeless, but warm spring days always come after cold winter =) The most important is to move, to don't freeze, to don't stop.

In February, 2007 I signed my first contract as a Screenplay Writer! =) This was MASKI Production Co. from Odessa (Ukraine). At present time I participate simultaneously in two projects. We create educational animated films for children. One of our series ("World Picture Gallery") were broadcasted in Russia ("Domashny" TV channel) and in Ukraine ("Inter" TV channel). In October of 2007 the "World Picture Gallery" was represented in the Cannes TV Market MIPCOM! Yeah, the life is going on!

Here you can become acquainted with some of my fairy tales, fiction stories, fairy poems, screenplays and... a game scenario. I'm glad to receive your comments (not spam) by e-mail.