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It was a cozy Christmas Eve. Downy snowflakes were whirling in their magical dance. Homes were filling with warmth, fragrances of fir, sweets and cakes. A fairy was approaching a small snow-covered hut.

She crossed a white plain, a path muffled with snow led through the garden then stopped by a spot of soft light, that was flowing from a window. The glass pane was decorated with ice flowers but the fairy could see through their generous patterns. A Christmas tree stood in the middle of a cozy room, it shimmered with lights.
Big bright balls, colored figures of different animals, and twinkling garlands formed its festive attire, but there was a sense that something more was needed, the fairy thought.

Two children, a brother and a sister, sat at a table near the Christmas tree. They were working on something with enthusiasm. Mummy was baking the tastiest cake in the world and daddy was preparing a new salad, which nobody had ever tested. But surely, the most interesting thing was being prepared by the children.
This fairy tale was published in the Christmas issue of "Skyline" Literary Magazine, Vol.2, Issue 12, December 2002

Skyline Literary Magazine

The curious fairy rose on her tiptoes to look at what they were doing. Scissors, glue, colored paper and bright foil sometimes appeared, sometimes disappeared, in their hands. Also they're whispering animatedly about something.
But it was early, the time of a wonder had not come yet.
The fairy looked up to the sky with hope. A small bright star had to appear somewhere there, very high as many years ago it had appeared above the wilderness. But time ... time was slowly dropping its snowflakes, braiding them into an air dance. Time has never hurried.

"Come dancing with us!" the snowflakes called to the fairy.
"It's so cool!" Then the fairy started to whirl among little ice stars. A gust of new music turned her thoughtful flying into a merry waltz. Snow covered houses with luminous windows, the snow blanketed winter forest and the boundless sky started to whirl faster and faster. It was so light and merry.
The fairy slid lightly on the roof making a small blizzard, she made a circle above a princess birch and at last descended next to a fluffy ginger cat. It had just come out of its secret entrance in the door and was starring at its surroundings.

"What are the children doing there?" the fairy asked.
"Ye-e, they a-are do-oing so-omething..." the cat purred with a singing accent.
"What? What?" the fairy repeated.
"Everything has its own time", the cat sighed deeply and looked at the sky thoughtfully.
Some tiny glints of first stars were winking at each other there.
"I'll go to look once more," the fairy whispered quickly.
The cat answered with a nod and was gone.
"Well cats don't disappear without reasons," the fairy thought, "so my time will come soon!" and the fairy hurried to look through the window again.

There were no children by the table now. The girl stood by the Christmas tree watching anxiously as her brother climbed on a chair to fit something shining and bright on the very top. The fairy wanted to look at what it was so strongly that she didn't notice how she'd entered into the warm cozy room.
"Oh, what have I done!" she exclaimed, but right on the spot, the surprised fairy stopped. A real Christmas star was shining on the top of the beautiful tree.

Daddy and mummy entered the room. They also stopped by the threshold looking in wide-eyed astonishment at the shining star that crowned the Christmas tree.
Mummy embraced her children: "You're so fine!"
Smiling, daddy pronounced solemnly: "Now Christmas may really come".
The fluffy ginger cat started to purr approvingly. And the "Magical Christmas Fairy" filled their home with kindness and light.

(C) Alexander Kalinkin