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There are lots of different kinds of meditation practices. Most of them are not good for those who spend time focusing eyes on a small spot of a display and leading sedentary lifestyle.

But, as we all know, we can concentrate not only on visual objects. Meditation is a much wider concept. Every sense may be related to a special kind of meditation. However, concentrating on sounds or on our movements, we notice pretty soon that borders between those senses are somewhat conditional. So a pleasant melody may be easily visualized into dancing figures before your inner eyes or movements of your body... Listening to music with your eyes closed is also a meditation. We're being purified from the litter troubling our mind just by focusing on sounds around us (surf, wind, leaves rustle and etc.). It helps a lot, so we practice it involuntarily without any claim for something spiritual. What's really matters is our concentration, attentive attitude to the surrounding world, even if this world has been formed by you as a play-list of your mp3 player.

But, my friends, we spend so much time sitting - especially those who live in towns - sitting at our offices, in cars, at homes. Isn't that too much? Sitting meditation is not the best option.

What if we follow those dancing figures of your imagination?

Music leads us to dancing. Let's catch up first chords with just our fingers (surely, they're most tired after running across keyboards or keypads). Now repeat the rhythm with your wrists - let them dance... then, it's your arms' turn. Great! You're dancing. You're sensing every movement of the music, every its splash, every wave of the rhythm. There is nothing more - only you and music! You're music! Isn't that a remarkable feeling? Don't think of figures anymore, try to reflect the music flow, let it flow through you.

What kind of music is the best for dance meditation? You should choose one that closer to your feelings - it would unfold in your dance with maximum force. Anyway, I try to make music of my play-list various, not looping around one style. Have you try to dance to Bach's? Paganini's? Try it! It would be especially cool after dancing to modern rock music.

And one more note for creative people - dancing carries inside no less images than any other form of our search for beauty. I don't mention here more effective and high ways such as druids or dervishes dances...

Stay healthy, my friends!

(C) Alexander Kalinkin

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