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It's interesting to watch someone swimming for the first time ever... Even more interesting when you yourself are swiming for the first time ever... and then, again, for the first time...

You may practice this kind of meditation at any place where you feel yourself free. It doesn't matter whether you are flying along a busy town street or standing in the middle of a sun-filled forest. What's really important is your senses open towards the surrounding reality. I myself practiced this meditation among the crowd of Moscow underground, in my peaceful orchard, nearby a noisy highway, in a cozy village cottage, in a bustling city office, and on a deserted beach. What's really important here - you yourself, not a place. You are the center of your world.

Let's start focusing your attention on all senses from a tiny external sound to a light tickling in your nose, not sticking to anything for long take something, hold it for a little while, set it free and take something new pluck all around, one by one, without any hurry the world has its own rhythm in each point and in each moment listen to it. Your own thoughts are treated in the same way as a thought comes, note it, and release it. Your inner images, too as they come, nod to it respectfully "well, come in, my dear guest" and let it go. Do not cling to anything all things around just touch you like a breeze you just know it exists... The world is passing-by. What is left? You are left you, real one and if you're lucky enough, you'll sense how your wings are growing behind...

And one brief note do not try to return pleasant feelings of today's exercise... treat similar attempts of your ego in the same way let them go there is no companions on the way to yourself.

Good luck!

(C) Alexander Kalinkin

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