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On Flowers from miss Emily, the screenplay based on the biography of the famous American poetess Emily Dickinson.

"I just re-read the Dickinson story. I really enjoyed this work of yours. It's a pleasure to read about something where there's no profanity, no mean plot. It was interesting. You made the reader think. I understood Miss Emily's loneliness. Yet the fact that she was deeper into things of life was evident. She had a good in-site. Despite her being overwhelmed, she had a light heart and took time to make a young girl happy in a small way that turned into a lifelong remembrance of the simple and free things that make life wonderful.

Sometimes people don't wish to share their innermost thoughts. Your story makes one happy that Lavinia didn't burn the manuscript book!

Your story left me with this:

"Feel that soft breeze that touches your skin, and makes happy tracks across your heart?" "Hello wind!"

Good job, Alex. Well done!"

Barbara Butler, Editor, the USA

On our cooperation in writing commercials for TV.

"I had the great opportunity to work with Alexander, he is very creative and reliable. I recommend him to anyone who needs a writer."

Alberto Velasques-Manuchi, the Director of VAVEM TV Production Company, Los Angeles, the USA.

On our cooperation in translating lyrics of Christian songs from English into Russian.

"Alexander is efficient in work, of nice communication, and an easy-going guy! I recommend him to anybody who needs excellent English-Russian translator."

Abbie Tong, a representative of Holy City Christian Church, NY, the USA

Be free to contact Alexander through his facebook page.